2019 USFS & NFWF’s Northern California Forests and Watersheds RFP

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) are proud to announce that the 2019 Northern California Forests and Watersheds Request for Proposals (RFP) will be released in January 2019!

As a potential grant applicant, you are more than welcome to begin brainstorming potential projects and partnerships in anticipation of next year’s RFP.  Feel free to review the 2018 RFP and RFP Appendix at www.nfwf.org/norcal as the format and types of projects will be similar next year.

Grant funding for the Power Fire in Eldorado National Forest, Storrie Fire in Lassen National Forest, and other areas for meadow restoration will be available for the following project categories:

  • Watershed restoration and management
  • Species management
  • Forest and upland restoration and management
  • Recreational and non-natural features/watershed infrastructure management

In addition, we are proud to announce new funding will be available for watershed restoration and watershed infrastructure projects in the Klamath, Shasta-Trinity, and Six Rivers National Forests!

As a reminder, non-federal match will be a factor in the proposal evaluation, but it is not the only factor.  If non-federal match is a concern, please contact NFWF’s Candace Leong at 415-593-8253 or Candace.leong@nfwf.org as we encourage everyone to apply.


Sierra Nevada Conservancy Funding Opportunities Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2018

Sierra Nevada Conservancy


November-December 2018

Funding Research Memos for fuel reduction, parks and trails, habitat preservation, environmental education, and other program areas are available on the SNC funding opportunities webpage. This is a great way to find funding opportunities for your projects!

Upcoming Grants that Might be of Interest:

Be prepared: Upcoming Grants that Should be Active Soon:

  • The USFS Wood Innovations Grant NOFA is typically released around Bioenergy Day (October 24). Funding is provided for biomass and bioenergy market development, project pre-development costs, and other related items.
  • EPA Brownfields Grants provide funding to assess and clean up contamination on industrial sites such as sawmills. This year the program has been revised to increase the amount of funding available and the options for funded programs. The NOFA is expected late October or early November.
  • The draft guidelines for the new CA Natural Resources Agency Cultural, Community, and Natural Resources grant has been released, with comments taken until November 12. If they keep the same schedule, concept proposals for this grant will be due February 13. The grant provides funding for a variety of cultural and recreational amenities, including restoration and preservation of Native American, natural, cultural, and historic resources within the State.

Prop 68 Parks Grant are Coming! Get Ready… Proposition 68, informally known as the ‘Parks-Water Bond’, was passed by the voters in June 2018. It allocates hundreds of millions of dollars for parks throughout the communities of California. Some of these funds are being made available as direct grants to cities and counties, but most of the funding will be in the form of competitive grants.

Sierra Nevada communities are nestled among rolling hills and forested mountains, but many are still ‘park-poor’ – there are few public outdoor places for gatherings, play, and relaxation and events. Some communities would like to develop recreational trails to connect with other recreational opportunities, or interpretive facilities for areas of natural or cultural interest. These grants can help you get funding for this kind of project; if you are ready!

Most of these programs have not released their application guidelines or solicitations yet. However, there are several things that communities can do to make themselves more competitive for all the grants. These are:

  1. Maximize Community Engagement in Project Planning and Prioritization
  2. Develop Necessary Partnerships and Agreements
  3. Move Toward ‘Project Readiness’

A short memo describing these three steps is available on the SNC ‘Other Funding Opportunities’ Webpage.

Your SNC Area Representative can help you set up an individual consultation with the SNC Funding Team to get advice about specific funding opportunities or general fund development strategies. To take advantage of this resource, contact your Area Representative.

Grant Writing Workshops are available to help build the capacity of organizations that serve the Sierra Nevada Region. If you are interested in organizing or attending a workshop, contact your Area Representative. Upcoming workshops are scheduled in Shasta and Amador counties, and additional workshops can be scheduled upon request.

DWR Releases Prop 1 IRWM Draft Project Solicitation Package – Comments due November 20, 2018

On October 5, 2018 DWR released the 2018 Proposition 1 – Round 1 IRWM Implementation Grant Draft Proposal Solicitation Package and Draft Guidelines for public review. DWR is proposing that approximately $194 million be made available for implementation projects with approximately $18 million designated for projects that provide benefits to Disadvantaged Communities. DWR encourages public comment on the draft solicitation package documents found below. DWR will close the public comment period Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 5pm.

Solicitation Package Documents

Cover Letter –  please read FIRST as it provides important instructions for prospective applicants

IRWM Grant Program 2018 Draft Guidelines

IRWM Implementation Grant Program 2018 Draft PSP 

More information is available on DWR’s IRWM website here.