Call for Projects – Open Solicitation

The Upper Feather River Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) has opened a solicitation for Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan implementation projects. The purpose of the solicitation is to perform periodic updates to the IRWM Plan implementation project list. Projects should address adopted Plan goals and objectives, California Water Plan resource management strategies, and Department of Water Resources’ priorities for projects. Projects developed through this process will undergo a review and selection process for inclusion in the IRWM Plan as implementation projects, which will then be eligible for future Department of Water Resources IRWM grant funding opportunities. Benefits of having a project included in the IRWM Plan also extend to supporting other local and regional efforts to secure competitive statewide grant funding.

Application forms and information are available via the link below. This is an open solicitation with RWMG review and consideration scheduled to occur quarterly. In order for projects to be eligible for the next Department of Water Resources IRWM implementation grant, projects should be submitted for inclusion in the Plan now. Project applications (submit all 3) may be submitted at any time and will be considered for inclusion in the Plan at the next RWMG meeting, which will be posted on the calendar.  

  1. UFR Implementation Project Step 1 Application
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis Worksheet
  3. Climate Change Project Assessment

Memoranda of Understanding for the Upper Feather River IRWM Program

Memorandum of Understanding – signatories as of 12/31/17
Memorandum of Understanding with the Sierra Water Workgroup

UFR IRWM Document Catalog

The UFR IRWM Document Library is a searchable database of background documents and information relevant to the Upper Feather River Watershed and the UFR IRWM Plan.

2013 California Water Plan
2013 California Water Plan Update (website link)
Regional Report: Mountain Counties Overlay
California Water Action Plan
Proposition 84 IRWM Guidelines

Proposition 1 IRWM Guidelines

Plumas Watershed Forum Reports and Studies
2008 Plumas Watershed Forum Report on Ongoing Projects
Canopy Cover in Coniferous Forests in Eastern Plumas County (2008)
Baseflow Monitoring in the Last Chance Watershed (2007)
Sierra Valley Hydrogeologic Studies (2005)
Sierra Valley Aquifer Tests (2005)

Sierra Conservancy’s 2017 ‘State of Sierra Nevada Forests’ Report

Summary of Current and Probable Future Trends in Climate and Climate-Driven Processes in the Sierra Cascade Province, Including the Lassen, Modoc, and Plumas National Forests – USFS

Plumas County Board of Supervisors Letter Regarding Watermaster Fee Increases and Response from Department of Water Resources